Unleash your people potential

Shape HR is committed to helping build better leaders in business. We offer our clients a range of core products which enable organisational leaders to overcome the challenges that hold them back from professional success.

We offer public and in-house leadership development facilitation, individual and group coaching, team dynamics training, psychometric profiling, 360 assessments and succession planning.

Our flagship leadership programme is the 1 day Leading with Purpose course. This is specifically designed for small and medium sized business owners and operators and emerging leaders who want to improve results by leading in a way which serves the people they lead.

Course Learning outcomes include:

  • Identify strengths and habits which enable you to lead with purpose
  • Build knowledge of practical ways to enhance your resilience and versatility as well as that of those who you lead
  • Establish ways to build trust and rapport with teams and individuals
  • Identify and utilise key tools for driving commitment and high performance